Saied Khorsandi

ABU Festival’s Selected Speaker


Is The Sum Of Small efforts

I am Saeed Khorsandi, I was born in 1985, the beautiful month of May, and in the same month, coinciding with Radio Day, I got married at the age of 28.

I have been working in radio and advertising since 2004 and with God’s help and my own efforts, I was selected as the top radio announcer in the country and also the title of the selected speaker of the ABU Festival was a very important title for me in my career life.




Saied Khorsandi

Producer & Announcer of Radio Podcasts

After construction of Internet radio stations that broadcasts live, I play the latest music and perform programs for my audiences, which is very popular.


A variety of declamation for specific situations


Musical audio teasers


Audio and podcast for radio


Portfolio broadcast on TV


Dubbing Iranian and foreign teasers

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes when performing

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