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Saeid Khorsandi was born in Esfahan/Iran, on April 27, 1985.

Saeid Khorsandi finalized his studies with an associate degree in Power Engineering & a bachelor degree in Computer Software Engineering, and he has also been granted “Film Production Degree” from Canada.
He has also done a full (186 hours) course on making TV/Radio commercials in Tehran Institute of Technology, and graduated with a 95/100 mark

Long before working as one of the most successful and sought-after radio host in Iran in 2006, he started his job as a Voice-Over artist for TV/Radio Commercials in 2004. After 7 consecutive years of working in Radio Golestan, he was invited as a radio personality to Radio Javan (most popular radio stations in Iran). After Joining Radio Javan, he appeared in many Radio programs such as “Patogh Shabaneh”, “Inja Shab Nist”, “Javooni Darbast”, “Plasma”, “Coopey haftom”, “NoTaraneh” and many others, as a host, writer & producer.

Besides a successful career as a radio personality, he has been working as a well-known Voice-Over Artist for TV/Radio Commercials, in Iranian National TV Channels & Radio Stations.
He is currently working as a voice-over artist for brands including MTN Irancell, Melli Bank, Ghavamin Bank, Iran Khodro, Mammut co, Iran Mr. Carpet and many others.

He was chosen as a main musical referee for second Javaneh Festival In Radio Javan.

Side Activities:
Besides working exclusively as a host/voice-over, Saeid Khorsandi has an experience in songwriting, Singing & composing for both musical TV commercials and his solo music career which he has just started recently.

He was granted the best host/Narrator award in Radio Talkshow Category in 13th International Sound Festival (ABU).

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