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Saeid Khorsandi was born in Esfahan/Iran, on April 27, 1985.

Education :

Saeid Khorsandi finalized his studies with an associate degree in Power Engineering & a bachelor degree in Computer Software Engineering, and he has also been granted “Film Production Degree” from Canada.
He has also done a full (186 hours) course on making TV/Radio commercials in Tehran Institute of Technology, and graduated with a 95/100 mark

Career :

Long before working as one of the most successful and sought-after radio host in Iran in 2006, he started his job as a Voice-Over artist for TV/Radio Commercials in 2004. After 7 consecutive years of working in Radio Golestan, he was invited as a radio personality to Radio Javan (most popular radio stations in Iran).

After Joining Radio Javan , Khorsandi appeared in many Radio programs such as “Patogh Shabaneh”, “Inja Shab Nist”, “Javooni Darbast”, “Plasma”, “Coopey haftom”, “NoTaraneh” and many others, as a host, writer & producer.

Besides a successful career as a radio personality, he has been working as a well-known Voice-Over Artist for TV/Radio Commercials, in Iranian National TV Channels & Radio Stations.
He is currently working as a voice-over artist for brands including MTN Irancell, Melli Bank, Ghavamin Bank, Iran Khodro, Mammut co, Iran Mr. Carpet and many others.

He was chosen as a main musical referee for second Javaneh Festival In Radio Javan.

Side Activities :

Besides working exclusively as a host/voice-over, Saeid Khorsandi has an experience in songwriting, Singing & composing for both musical TV commercials and his solo music career which he has just started recently.

Awards :

He was granted the best host/Narrator award in Radio Talkshow Category in 13th International Sound Festival (ABU).

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